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  • Taghouti, I.; Cristobal, R.; Brenko, A.; Stara, K.; Markos, N.; Chapelet, B.; Hamrouni, L.; Burši´c, D.; Bonet, J.-A. The Market Evolution of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: A Global Supply Chain Analysis and an Application of the Delphi Method in the Mediterranean Area. Forests 2022, 13, 808.
  • Rovira, M.; Garay, L.; Górriz-Mifsud, E.; Bonet, J.-A. Territorial Marketing Based on Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFPs) to Enhance Sustainable Tourism in Rural Areas: A Literature Review. Forests 2022, 13, 1231.
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  • Aouinti, H.; Moutahir, H.; Touhami, I.; Bellot, J.; Khaldi, A. Observed and Predicted Geographic Distribution of Acer monspessulanum L. Using the MaxEnt Model in the Context of Climate Change. Forests 2022, 13, 2049. 
  • Rovira, M.; Taghouti, I.; Marques, S.; Touhami, I.; Pettenella, D. Eating wild food products in the Mediterranean area: what is behind certification, branding, and labelling? In MOAF, BTU, OGM and AIFM. 2023. Proceedings of the Seventh Mediterranean Forest Week, pp 8-20.
  • Japelj, A.; Rovira, M.; Piqué, M.; Bonet, J.A.; Oliach, D.; Vidale, E.; Andrighetto, N.; Borges, J.G.; Conceição, I.; Taghouti, I.; Khalfaoui, M.; Plevnik, K.; Grebenc, T. Designing innovative business models for the wild food products sector in several Mediterranean countries. Deal for Green? : contribution of managerial economics, accounting, and cross-sectoral policy analysis to climate neutrality and forest management; proceedings of IUFRO 4.05.00 & 9.05.03 International Conference, Ljubljana, September 25th – 27th, 2023. pp. 238-245 DOI: 10.20315/SilvaSlovenica.0022.29
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