D1.1 Report on the state-of-the-art of the WFP value-chains
D1.2 Report on actors’ characterisation
D2.1 Report on management and planning control systems for sustainability and quality in wild food value-chains: pilot experiences
D2.2 Protocols for sustainability
D2.3 Guidelines for product quality, safety and sustainability
D3.1 Report on innovative marketing strategies for wild food products
D3.2 Database of key stakeholders
D3.4 Report on innovative certification and labelling in wild food sector
D3.5 Brochures on wild food products
D3.6 Short video on WFPs addressed to consumers
D4.1 e-platform to share stakeholders data
D4.2 Innovative Network
D4.3 Comparison of relevant business models of the wild food sector
D4.4 Report living-lab sessions on innovative and feasible business models for the wild food sector
D4.5 Report on practical procedures to design an innovative sustainable business models
D5.1 Training program on Wild Food production and marketing
D5.2 Communication Plan
D5.5 Project brochure
D5.7 ‘Success stories to communicate’ (3): experiences in the WFP sector (short videos)

D5.7 ‘Success stories to communicate’ (5): posters
D5.8 Mid-term conference
D5.9 Final conference in Solsona