WP1. Diagnosis of the WFP value-chains and comparative analysis

This WP will develop the research part by studying and comparing the state-of-the-art of the WFP value-chains and actors’ mapping. Finally, acomparative analysis of current WFP value-chains among participating Med countries based on the results of previous research will be elaborated.

WP2. Innovation for quality, safety and sustainability in the WFP value-chains

This WP will carry out the innovative activities to address quality, safety and sustainability through all stages of the value-chain. This will include the development of innovative traceability and control systems for quality and safety in all value-chain stages: pilot projects; innovative tools for sustainability; and guidelines for product quality, safety and sustainability in all stages of the value-chain and addressed to the WFP chain actors.

WP3. Innovative marketing strategies

This WP will be focused on the development of innovative marketing strategies to enhance products competitiveness of local products and international markets. This includes the development of innovative marketing strategies and innovation in certification and labelling; and an awareness raising campaign on Mediterranean WFPs aimed at increasing the consumption culture of these products.

WP4. Innovative integration strategies and adapted business models

Based on research studies, this WP will (a) develop and implement activities aimed at strengthening the integration among agro-food value-chains actors and promotion of new models of mutual collaboration, (b) explore existing organizational and business models in the different segments of the value-chains of selected WFPs in different Med countries; (c) promote entrepreneurship and social inclusion, as well as innovative solutions to tackle the unfair distributions of benefits. This includes the creation of virtual tools for connecting actors and the creation of new business models, promoting young entrepreneurship, social inclusion and a fair distribution of profitability.

WP5. Capacity building, communication and dissemination

This WP will support the development of innovation actions by undertaking targeted capacity building activities to enhance the entrepreneurial business culture and facilitate the adoption of technological and organizational innovations to address quality and sustainability, especially around topics related to market intelligence, access to finance, digital opportunities (e-commerce platforms, B2B & B2C strategies), and territorial marketing (labelling, certification, packaging and product visibility). In addition, it will implement targeted dissemination and outreach activities throughout the project’s timespan and beyond, and will coordinate interactive knowledge exchange and cross-case learning activities.

WP6. Project management and coordination

This WPaims at ensuring the proper development of all project activities and smooth environment and relations among partners.

Innovation Action will be developed by both research and non-research partners. 3 groups of partners will be established to work on a specific product in more detail. However, join work will be also done specially aimed at enhance trans-sectorial interactions among different productive systems in order to achieve an improved cooperation in the same region and better use of natural resources. The groups of products will be:

Pine nuts/AcornsSpain (CTFC), Italy (UNIPD), Portugal (ISA & HFM) and Tunisia (INRGREF & AVFA)
Mushrooms & TrufflesItaly (UNIPD), Spain (CTFC), Slovenia (SFI)
Aromatic PlantsPortugal (ISA), Tunisia (INRGREF & AVFA)