Mid-term conference – Presentations
Practice innovations on Wild Food Products Prediction systems for the annual supply of acorn and flour as raw material for human food products (ISA)Establishing mycological parks to assess and control mushrooms collection and guarantee a sustainable mycological use with appropiate mushrooms collection, while integrating social function in this activity (CTFC)Quantifying pine cone …
WILDFOOD MidTerm conference
Agenda Midterm conference Online event 26 May Online event 27 May
WILDFOOD Policy Forum, 27th May 2022
Policy Forum: Disclosing the potential of Wildfood around the Mediterranean to promote sustainable, competitive, and secure supply chains: Key actions and policy recommendations The WILDFOOD Policy Forum, taking place on 27th May 2022, will discuss the actionneeded to ensure more competitive, secure and sustainable value chains of wild foods.This event will be …
WildFood project in the VII Mediterranean Forest Week
On March 21, Wildfood project was presented in the VII Mediterranean Forest Week within the session: Improving the value-chain of Mediterranean Wild Food Products (WFP): special insight into how certification, branding and labelling can upgrade the economic value of edible non-wood forest products. The session was structured in three parts: First, a …
New conferences in Italy under the WildFood project
27 November 2021 New challenges of the truffle supply chain: climate change and the informal market The structure of the national truffle supply chain: from production to marketing of fresh and processed truffles. 28 November 2021 New challenges of the truffle supply chain: climate change and the informal market Alba white truffle: …
First workshop with stakeholders in Portugal
WildFood Portuguese partner, ISA, is organising the first workshop with stakeholders in Portugal with the aim of deepening in the Wild Food Products value chains, the innovation for the quality, sustainability and safety, and the innovating marketing strategies. Here is the programme of the workshop which will be held on October 21:
New Workshop on truffles in Catalonia
Under the WildFood project, a new workshop will be held in Catalonia on 23rd October addressed to truffles value chain actors
New workshop on pine nuts, rosemary and myrrh in Tunisia
On June 24, 2021, a new workshop on pine nuts, rosemary and myrrh was held in Tunisia, organised by INRGREF
Letters of commitment signed
Under the framework of the WildFood project, with the overall objective of promoting the implementation of joint innovative strategies by involving different actors of the Wild Food Products (WFP) value-chain in the Mediterranean area, focusing on selected products (mushrooms, truffles, pine nuts & Aleppo pine seeds, aromatic plants, acorns) in view of …
First Workshop on edible pine nut of stone pine (Pinus pinea)
On May 18, 2021, a workshop was held in Catalonia, Spain, with pine nuts producers, entrepreneurs, and other relevant stakeholders of the pine nut value chain, with the main aim of identifying most relevant barriers for pine nut producers, harvesters and sellers, and innovative solutions to overcome these barriers. During the workshop, …
First Workshop on truffles in Italy
The first workshop on truffles of the WildFood project will be carried out next April 30, 2021 pdf version
Second General Assembly Meeting of the WildFood project, December 16, 2020
The General Assembly met last December 16, 2020 to follow the implementation of the first activities of the project: lists of actors, commitments with stakeholders, implementation of the pilot projects.
WildFood Project Kick-off Meeting, June 2020
Last June was held the Kick-of meeting of the WildFood project with the participation of project partners from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia, and Slovenia. This PRIMA-funded project, that started on 1st June and has a duration of 36 months, aims at promoting the implementation of joint innovative strategies in the Wild …