• New workshop on pine nuts, rosemary and myrrh in Tunisia
    On June 24, 2021, a new workshop on pine nuts, rosemary and myrrh was held in Tunisia, organised by INRGREF
  • First Workshop on edible pine nut of stone pine (Pinus pinea)
    On May 18, 2021, a workshop was held in Catalonia, Spain, with pine nuts producers, entrepreneurs, and other relevant stakeholders of the pine nut value chain, with the main aim of identifying most relevant barriers for pine nut producers, harvesters and sellers, and innovative solutions to overcome these barriers. During the workshop, the Wildfood project was presented, in an introductory phase, and after that, Míriam Piqué presented the map of stakeholders in the pine nuts value chain and a SWOT analysis, both being the bases for discussing the most important problems to be addressed. One of the biggest challenges…
  • First Workshop on truffles in Italy
    The first workshop on truffles of the WildFood project will be carried out next April 30, 2021 pdf version