Letters of commitment signed

Under the framework of the WildFood project, with the overall objective of promoting the implementation of joint innovative strategies by involving different actors of the Wild Food Products (WFP) value-chain in the Mediterranean area, focusing on selected products (mushrooms, truffles, pine nuts & Aleppo pine seeds, aromatic plants, acorns) in view of improving their quality and safety controls and sustainability, the letters of commitment/agreements with local actors have been signed to implement eight pilot projects in six different countries.

The objective of the pilot projects is to provide innovative solutions to a few issues identified in segments of the WFP value chain to meet the pressing challenges of agri-food value chains in terms of quality and sustainability.

List of case studies/pilot projects:

Pilot projects (responsible)ProductLocation
1. Implementing a new production and transformation process for aromatic plants (INRAA&INRF / INRGREF) Rosemary and myrtleMorneg, Ben Arous, Tunisia
2. Implementing a new packaging system for herbs aimed at increasing the quality for a longer period and/or implementing a production control (INRAA&INRF) Rosemary, myrtle and lentiskMilia, Jijel, Algeria
3.  Establishing mycological parks to assess and control mushrooms collection and guarantee a sustainable mycological use with appropriate mushrooms collection, while integrating social function in this activity (innovation in production and use) (CTFC) MushroomsTarragona, Spain
4.  Quantifying pinecone production, with sensors and drones (CTFC)Pine nutsCatalonia, Spain
5.  Participating in development of innovative biological agents in pest control on truffle sites/plantations (SFI) TrufflesLjubljana, Slovenia
6.  Preparing of laboratory protocols for certification and identification of truffles (SFI) TrufflesLjubljana, Slovenia
7.  Elaborating a production monitoring protocol for truffle (UNIPD) TrufflesVeneto and Friuli, Italy
8. Implementing some innovation systems for production, transformation and distribution of acorn related products, namely production, transformation, packaging and distribution (ISA&HFM)  AcornsAlentejo, Portugal